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From the graduate, Heather Martin Robinson

So tonight I graduated from Leadership Northwest. To many you question what that is, is that a for real thing, and why the heck did you do that? Believe me I was the same way when I 1st heard about it and yes I got these questions the whole school year I was in it. Leadership Northwest's Mission Statement: To provide a forum to educate and inspire leaders as to the opportunities and challenges of our community while helping them actively put what they learn into action. To help leaders see themselves as influencers for positive change, direction, and impact. Before this course I felt so unworthy, passed over, and just a warm body in the jobs I have and have had in the past. I had to leave the only leader job I had when my mom died. That was over 15 years ago. Through a networking friend ( Marcus Foote) I was nudged to do it. I took a leap on myself. Something I never do. So, I did and I feel so much more confident and like I can finally be assertive and a true go getter. No I have not gotten any of the jobs I truly wanted yet, but I feel like God is doing some serious working in the employment department. I have another interview Wednesday for a job I really have wanted for 2 years now. So, I pray I get it or that the Lord grants me patience for something so much bigger. Thanks Richard Neal Robinson, Mindy Phillips Martin, and Ralph Martin for coming to support me. Marcus thank you for your encouragement. Now I ask you join me in praying for me to be the leader I was meant to be. Get the opportunities God wants me to have. I get the financial aide I need to go to school in the fall and I become the change in the places I need to be. #leadershipnorthwest #classof2018 #bethechange #newleader

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