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Leadership Northwest Inc. (LNW) exists to provide live, interactive experiences for leaders to learn about, understand and relate with the people, businesses and organizations that contribute to the development of various sectors in the community. LNW also seeks to provide on-going leadership development and opportunities to serve the community through its alumni graduates (LNW Alumni). LNW is a non-profit corporation and is overseen by a Board of Directors who are selected from LNW Alumni and local Chamber of Commerce organizations.


Leadership Northwest energizes, engages and links leaders synergistically with each other and in the community for awareness of and influence in the community.  

Our Mission

To provide a forum to educate and inspire leaders as to the opportunities and challenges of our community while helping them actively put what they learn into action. To help leaders see themselves as influencers for positive change, direction and impact.

Our Vision

Diverse leaders who work together to support, challenge and understand the victories, issues and challenges of the community, while encouraging one another and others to get involved in making a vibrant community even better.