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Arts & Culture

This day has always been a favorite. We started off at the Bass Hall, we had a wonderful tour guide that showed the history of the famous hall. We got to go on multiple floors seeing the view from the seats on each floor and got to see the Richardson room, as well as the balcony where the angels are. There was a performance early in the afternoon so we could not see the dressing room or the stage, but it was a great tour. We then we had Dr. Lee Ann Ellis talk us about year 2 of Leadership Northwest. It was rewarding to see how the class of 2019 can help plan next year for the class of 2020. We then met up with our tour guide to see the African & Oceanic Collection. The art was amazing. She encouraged us to come back and see the European Collection. We walked across the street after our tour to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The museum was wonderful. We had such a passionate tour guide that took us around to some of the most popular pieces. We had such a short time there, so the tour was short, but very educational. Then the class got a few minutes to look around on their own. For wrap up lots was discussed about the day. The class loved the Bass Hall best, then the Kimball, and Modern Art. They wished they had more time for longer tours at the Bass Hall and museum's. There was other suggestions of other places they may plan to go to next year. It was a great day with lots of positive feedback. Some of the class said this was their favorite day so far.  I believe most of the day was better than last year's Arts and Culture Day. The class is looking forward to their servo project next month. 

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